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CGMINER(1) User Commands CGMINER(1)


cgminer - multi-threaded multi-pool GPU, FPGA and CPU bitcoin miner.


cgminer [-DlmpPqUTouOchnV]


multi-threaded multi-pool GPU, FPGA and CPU bitcoin miner. Built with avalon avalon2 avalon4 bflsc bitfury cointerra drillbit hashfast icarus klondike mining support.


Options for both config file and command line:

Set AntminerU1/2 frequency in MHz, range 125-500 (default: 250.0)
Allow API access only to the given list of [G:]IP[/Prefix] addresses[/subnets]
Description placed in the API status header, default: cgminer version
API one letter groups G:cmd:cmd[,P:cmd:*...] defining the cmds a groups can use
Enable API, default: disabled
Enable API Multicast listener, default: disabled
API Multicast listen address
Code expected in the API Multicast message, don't use '-'
Description appended to the API Multicast reply, default: ''
API Multicast listen port (default: 4028)
Allow API (if enabled) to listen on/for any address, default: only
Port number of miner API (default: 4028)
Specify API listen address, default:
Set AntminerU3 frequency in MHz, range 100-250 (default: 225.0)
Set AntminerU3 voltage in mv, range 725-850, 0 to not set (default: 775)
Adjust avalon overclock frequency dynamically for best hashrate
Set avalon overheat cut off temperature (default: 60)
Set fanspeed percentage for avalon, single value or range (default: 20-100)
Set frequency range for avalon-auto, single value or range
Set avalon options baud:miners:asic:timeout:freq:tech
Set avalon target temperature (default: 50)
Set frequency range for Avalon2, single value or range, step: 25
Set Avalon2 core voltage, in millivolts, step: 125
Set Avalon2 target fan speed
Set Avalon2 overheat cut off temperature (default: 98)
Set Avalon2 fan to fixed speed
Set Avalon2 polling delay value (ms) (default: 20)
Automatic adjust voltage base on module DH
Set Avalon4 core voltage, in millivolts, step: 125
Set frequency for Avalon4, 1 to 3 values, example: 445:385:370
Set Avalon4 target fan speed range
Set Avalon4 target temperature (default: 42)
Set Avalon4 overheat cut off temperature (default: 65)
Set Avalon4 polling delay value (ms) (default: 20)
Set Avalon4 MM ntime rolling max offset (default: 4)
Set Avalon4 AUC IIC bus speed (default: 400000)
Set Avalon4 AUC IIC xfer read delay, 4800 ~= 1ms (default: 19200)
Change multipool strategy from failover to even share balance
Run cgminer in benchmark mode using a work file - produces no shares
Display each benchfile nonce found
Run cgminer in benchmark mode - produces no shares
Set overheat temperature where BFLSC devices throttle, 0 to disable (default: 85)
Set BitBurner (Avalon) core voltage, in millivolts
Set BitBurner Fury core voltage, in millivolts
Override avalon-options for BitBurner Fury boards baud:miners:asic:timeout:freq
Set max BXF/HXF bits for overclocking (default: 54)
BXF: Debug all USB I/O, > is to the board(s), < is from the board(s) (default: 0)
Set target temperature for BXF/HXF devices (default: 82)
Set BXM bits for overclocking (default: 54)
Set bitcoin target address when solo mining to bitcoind (mandatory)
Set signature to add to coinbase when solo mining (optional)
Use compact display without per device statistics
Set load for CTA devices, 0-255 range (default: 0)
Set power supply load for CTA devices, 0-100 range (default: 0)
Enable debug output
Automatically disable pools that continually reject shares
Set drillbit options <int|ext>:clock[:clock_divider][:voltage]
Enable drillbit automatic tuning <every>:[<gooderr>:<baderr>:<maxerr>]
Do not redirect to stratum protocol from GBT
Set hashfast clock speed (default: 550)
Set how many MHz to drop clockspeed each failure on an overlocked hashfast device (default: 10)
Set fanspeed percentage for hashfast, single value or range (default: 10-85)
Set a unique name for a single hashfast device specified with --usb or the first device found
Disable hashfast dynamic core disabling feature
Set hashfast options name:clock (comma separated)
Set the hashfast overheat throttling temperature (default: 95)
Set the hashfast target temperature (0 to disable) (default: 88)
Set the hashratio clock frequency
Seconds between hotplug checks (0 means never check)
Set klondike options clock:temptarget
Change multipool strategy from failover to quota based balance
Interval in seconds between log output (default: 5)
Minimise caching of shares for low memory applications
Use custom pipe cmd for output messages
Set nanofury bits for overclocking, range 32-63 (default: 50)
Impose small delays in networking to not overload slow routers
Don't submit shares if they are detected as stale
Set LED mode for OneStringMiner devices (default: 4)
Password for bitcoin JSON-RPC server
Force verbose mode and output per-device statistics
Verbose dump of protocol-level activities
Disable logging output, display status and errors
quota;URL combination for server with load-balance strategy quotas
Disable all output
Set RockMiner frequency in MHz, range 125-500 (default: 270.0)
Change multipool strategy from failover to regularly rotate at N minutes
Change multipool strategy from failover to round robin on failure
Set a time of day in HH:MM to start mining (a once off without a stop time)
Set a time of day in HH:MM to stop mining (will quit without a start time)
Append share log to file
Quit after mining N shares (default: unlimited)
Set socks4 proxy (host:port)
Suggest miner difficulty for pool to user (default: none)
Use system log for output messages (default: standard error)
Temperature where a device will be automatically disabled, one value or comma separated list (default: 0)
Disable ncurses formatted screen output
URL for bitcoin JSON-RPC server
USB device selection
Username for bitcoin JSON-RPC server
Username:Password pair for bitcoin JSON-RPC server
Log verbose output to stderr as well as status output
Use extra wide display without toggling
Display extra work time debug information

Options for command line only:

Load a JSON-format configuration file See example.conf for an example configuration.
Specify the filename of the default config file Loaded at start and used when saving without a name.
Print this message
Display all USB devices and exit
Display version and exit
June 2015 cgminer 4.9.2