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c-icap-client(8) System Manager's Manual c-icap-client(8)


c-icap-client - simple ICAP client


c-icap-client [ -V ] [ -VV ] [ -i icap_servername ] [ -p port ] [ -s service ] [ -tls ] [ -tls-method method ] [ -tls-no-verify ] [ -f input_file ] [ -o out_file ] [ -req url ] [ -resp url ] [ -d debug level ] [ -noreshdr ] [ -nopreview ] [ -no204 ] [ -206 ] [ -x icap-header ] [ -hx http-request-header ] [ -rhx http-response-header ] [ -w preview_size ] [ -v ]


c-icap-client is a simple ICAP client. It can be used to test your icap server configuration.


Print version
Print build informations
The hostname of the icap server. The default is localhost
The server port. The default port value is 1344
The service name. The default service name is "echo"
Select the TLS method to use, normaly one of TLSv1, TLSv1_1, TLSv1_2 or TLSv1_3
Disable TLS server certificate verify
Send this file to the icap server. Default is to send an options request
Save output to this file. Default is to send to stdout
Send a request modification instead of response modification, using as http url the url provided with this option.
Send a response modification with http request headers, using as http url the url provided with this option.
debug level info to stdout
Do not send reshdr headers
Do not send preview request data
Do not allow204 outside preview
Support 206 responses
Include the icap-header in icap request headers
Include the http-request-header in http request headers
Include the http-response-header in http response headers
Sets the maximum preview data size to preview
Print response headers


c-icap(8) c-icap-stretch(8) c-icap-config(8) c-icap-libicapapi-config(8) c-icap-mkbdb(8)




Tsantilas Christos

c_icap 0.5.10