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BORG-COMMON(1) borg backup tool BORG-COMMON(1)


borg-common - Common options of Borg commands


show this help message and exit
work on log level CRITICAL
work on log level ERROR
work on log level WARNING (default)
work on log level INFO
enable debug output, work on log level DEBUG
--debug-topic TOPIC
enable TOPIC debugging (can be specified multiple times). The logger path is borg.debug.<TOPIC> if TOPIC is not fully qualified.
show progress information
Output one JSON object per log line instead of formatted text.
wait at most SECONDS for acquiring a repository/cache lock (default: 1).
Bypass locking mechanism
show/log the borg version
show/log the return code (rc)
set umask to M (local and remote, default: 0077)
use PATH as borg executable on the remote (default: "borg")
set remote network upload rate limit in kiByte/s (default: 0=unlimited)
treat part files like normal files (e.g. to list/extract them)
--debug-profile FILE
Write execution profile in Borg format into FILE. For local use a Python-compatible file can be generated by suffixing FILE with ".pyprof".
Use this command to connect to the 'borg serve' process (default: 'ssh')




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