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sttk_intro(3) ShapeTools Toolkit Library sttk_intro(3)


sttk_intro - introduction to the ShapeTools Toolkit Library


#include <config.h>
#include <sttk.h>

char* stVersion (void);


The ShapeTools Toolkit library (sttk) is a set of functions to be used in various parts of the ShapeTools configuration management toolkit.

Inclusion of config.h may be omitted when atfs.h is included.

stVersion returns a version identification string for the ShapeTools Toolkit library.


Name Appears on Page Description

stAbortThis	sttransaction.3	abort transaction
stAskConfirm	stuserio.3	ask user for confirmation
stCallCmd	stcall.3	call command
stCallCmdErrno	stcall.3	error code returned by command (variable)
stCallEditor	stcall.3	call editor with default contents
stCatchSigs	stsignal.3	catch signals
stCleanup	stsignal.3	do cleanup (remove temporary files etc.)
stConvertPattern	ststring.3	convert sh(1) pattern to regex pattern
stExit	stsignal.3	stop program execution
stFindProgram	stcall.3	check if file exists and is executable
stGetFromStdin	stuserio.3	read text from standard input
stGetTermWidth	stuserio.3	get current terminal width in columns
stInterruptAction	stsignal.3	address of signal handler for SIGINT (variable)
stLog	stuserio.3	print message
stMessage	stuserio.3	buffer for constructing messages (variable)
stMktime	sttime.3	parse time string
stParseArgs	stparseargs.3	parse command line arguments
stProgramName	stuserio.3	name how program was called
stQuietFlag	stuserio.3	suppress normal messages (no error messages) (variable) 
stQuitAction	stsignal.3	address of signal handler for SIGQUIT (variable)
stRegisterFile	sttmpfiles.3	register file
stRmRegisteredFiles	sttmpfiles.3	remove all registered files
stShortUsage	stparseargs.3	print usage string
stShutupFlag	stuserio.3	supress all messages (variable)
stStrEnter	ststring.3	enter string to string table
stStrtok	ststring.3	tokenize string
stSubstituteString	ststring.3	replace parts of a string by new string
stTermAction	stsignal.3	address of signal handler for SIGTERM (variable)
stThisTransaction	sttransaction.3	current transaction (variable)
stTmpFile	sttmpfiles.3	return unique name for temporary file
stUnRegisterFile	sttmpfiles.3	unregister file
stVersion	sttkintro.3	print version identification string
stWriteTime	sttime.3	generate time string


Andreas Lampen and Axel Mahler (Eds.)
ShapeTools, Technical Report No. 92-14, Technische Universität Berlin, May 1992

Thu Jun 24 17:43:28 1993 sttk-1.7