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PagerDecorations(1x) AfterStep X11 window manager PagerDecorations(1x)


PagerDecorations - Visual attributes of the Pager window


Defines the color of the Desk's border. Use it to override default which is the style's foreground color

Specifies the width of the border to be drawn around each desk

Specifies a different color than the fore color to draw grid lines. If this option is unused, then the same color specified with *PagerFore will be used for the grids.

When this option is specified - Pager will use shaped extensions to make label of all inactive desks transpar- ent.

This will place label below the desk instead of above the desk.

Turns OFF desk's labeling

Turns OFF grid separating pages

Turns highliting of the current page OFF

Turns ON highliting of the current page, and specifies color of highlighting

Displays the label of the Pager vertically (on the left side of the Pager).

AfterStep v.2.2.12 3rd Berkeley Distribution