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AEVOL(1) User Manual AEVOL(1)


Aevol - an in silico experimental evolution platform


aevol_propagate -h or --help
aevol_propagate -V or --version
aevol_propagate [-t TIMESTEP] [-K] [-o OUTDIR] [-v]


Aevol is a simulation platform that allows one to let populations of digital organisms evolve in different conditions and study experimentally the mechanisms responsible for the structuration of the genome and the transcriptome.

creates a fresh copy of the experiment as it was at the given timestep. The timestep of the copy will be reset to 0.


print help, then exit
print version number, then exit

-t, --timestep TIMESTEP
specify timestep to propagate
default: that contained in file last_gener.txt, if any

do not alter prng states

-o, --out OUTDIR
specify output directory
default "./output"

be verbose


aevol_create, aevol_run, aevol_modify

July 2016 aevol 5.0