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AEVOL(1) User Manual AEVOL(1)


Aevol - an in silico experimental evolution platform


aevol_misc_robustness -h | --help
aevol_misc_robustness -V | --version
aevol_misc_robustness [-t TIMESTEP] [-I INDEX | -R RANK] [-n NB_MUTANTS]


Aevol is a simulation platform that allows one to let populations of digital organisms evolve in different conditions and study experimentally the mechanisms responsible for the structuration of the genome and the transcriptome.

computes the replication statistics of all the individuals of a given generation, like the proportion of neutral, beneficial, deleterious offsprings. This is done by simulating NBCHILDREN replications for each individual (1000 replications by default), with its mutation, rearrangement and transfer rates. Depending on those rates and genome size, there can be several mutations per replication. Those global statistics are written in stat/robustness_GENER.out, with one line per individual in the specified generation. The program also outputs detailed statistics for one of the individuals (the best one by default). The detailed statistics for this individual are written in stats/replication_GENER.out, with one line per simulated child of this particular individual.


print help, then exit
print version number, then exit

-t, --timestep TIMESTEP
specify timestep of the individual of interest

-I, --index INDEX
specify the index of the individual of interest

-R, --rank RANK
specify the rank of the individual of interest default: best individual

-n, --nb-mutants NB_MUTANTS
specify the number of mutants to be generated


aevol_create, aevol_modify, aevol_propagate, aevol_run, aevol_misc_ancestor_robustness

July 2016 aevol 5.0