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ZSTREAM(8) System Manager's Manual ZSTREAM(8)


zstreammanipulate ZFS send streams


zstream dump [-Cvd] [file]

zstream redup [-v] file

zstream token resume_token


The utility manipulates ZFS send streams output by the command.

zstream dump [-Cvd] [file]
Print information about the specified send stream, including headers and record counts. The send stream may either be in the specified file, or provided on standard input.
Suppress the validation of checksums.
Verbose. Print metadata for each record.
Dump data contained in each record. Implies verbose.

The zstreamdump alias is provided for compatibility and is equivalent to running zstream dump.

zstream token resume_token
Dumps zfs resume token information
zstream redup [-v] file
Deduplicated send streams can be generated by using the zfs send -D command. The ability to send deduplicated send streams is deprecated. In the future, the ability to receive a deduplicated send stream with zfs receive will be removed. However, deduplicated send streams can still be received by utilizing zstream redup.

The zstream redup command is provided a file containing a deduplicated send stream, and outputs an equivalent non-deduplicated send stream on standard output. Therefore, a deduplicated send stream can be received by running:

# zstream redup DEDUP_STREAM_FILE | zfs receive
Verbose. Print summary of converted records.


zfs(8), zfs-receive(8), zfs-send(8)

May 8, 2021 OpenZFS