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ZFS-ROLLBACK(8) System Manager's Manual ZFS-ROLLBACK(8)


zfs-rollbackroll ZFS dataset back to snapshot


zfs rollback [-Rfr] snapshot


When a dataset is rolled back, all data that has changed since the snapshot is discarded, and the dataset reverts to the state at the time of the snapshot. By default, the command refuses to roll back to a snapshot other than the most recent one. In order to do so, all intermediate snapshots and bookmarks must be destroyed by specifying the -r option.

The -rR options do not recursively destroy the child snapshots of a recursive snapshot. Only direct snapshots of the specified filesystem are destroyed by either of these options. To completely roll back a recursive snapshot, you must roll back the individual child snapshots.

Destroy any more recent snapshots and bookmarks, as well as any clones of those snapshots.
Used with the -R option to force an unmount of any clone file systems that are to be destroyed.
Destroy any snapshots and bookmarks more recent than the one specified.



May 27, 2021 OpenZFS