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xsec-templatesign.pod(1) Apache XML Security xsec-templatesign.pod(1)


xmlsec-templatesign - Sign a template XML signature file


xmlsec-templatesign [-s distinguished-name] [-h string] [-c]
(-d | -e | -r) private-key password input


xmlsec-templatesign signs a template XML signature file using the Apache XML Security for C++ library. The resulting signed file is printed to standard output. The signing key is specified with one of -d (for a DSA key), -e (for an EC key), or -r (for an RSA key). The key must be stored in a PEM-encoded file, and the password for that file must be given on the command line.


Note that each option must be given as a separate argument.

The provided private-key file is a PEM-encoded DSA private key.
The provided private-key file is a PEM-encoded EC private key.
The provided private-key file is a PEM-encoded RSA private key.
Clear out any current KeyInfo elements in the file.
Use the HMAC key specified by string.
The provided name will be set as SubjectName in X.509.


This manual page was written by Russ Allbery for Debian.


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2020-12-27 2.0.2