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TERMINEWS(1) General Commands Manual TERMINEWS(1)


terminews - terminal based (TUI) RSS feed manager




Terminal based application (TUI) which enables managing of RSS resources and displying their news feed.

The terminal is split in 3 different areas:

contains the list of the user's saved sites.
contains the news feed (list of news' titles) of the currently selected site.
contains extra information of the currently selected event.

Key bindings:

Focuses between the Sites list and the News list alternately
Retrieves the news feed of the currently selected site or submits user input
Downloads the content of the currently selected event.
Opens the currently selected event using the default browser
Prompts the user to add a new site (URL)
Prompts the user to search among the existing sites. Multiple terms are allowed and they are used conjunctively
Closes any window (input prompt, event content) displayed on top of the main windows
Adds or removes the currently selected event in the bookmarks list
Displays the bookmarked events
Deletes the selected site of the selected bookmarked event depending on which list is currently focused
Moves to the previous list item circularly
Moves to the next list item circularly
Moves to the previous list page circularly
Moves to the next list page circularly
Opens up the Help window
Exits the application


Written by Alex Ntavelos <>



January 2021 User Commands