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QSUB(1) User Contributed Perl Documentation QSUB(1)


qsub - submit a batch job in a familiar PBS format


qsub [-a start_time]
[-A account]
[-b y|n]
[-e err_path]
[-l resource_list]
[-m mail_options] [-M user_list]
[-N job_name]
[-o out_path]
[-p priority]
[-pe shm task_cnt]
[-P wckey]
[-q destination]
[-r y|n]
[-v variable_list]
[-wd workdir]
[-W additional_attributes]


The qsub submits batch jobs. It is aimed to be feature-compatible with PBS' qsub.


Earliest start time of job. Format: [HH:MM][MM/DD/YY]
Specify the account to which the job should be charged.
Whether to wrap the command line or not
Specify a new path to receive the standard error output for the job.
Interactive execution.
Job array index values. The -J and -t options are equivalent.
Specify an additional list of resources to request for the job.
Specify a list of events on which email is to be generated.
Specify a list of email addresses to receive messages on specified events.
Specify a name for the job.
Specify the path to a file to hold the standard output from the job.
Specify the priority under which the job should run.
Specify the number of cpus per task.
Specify the wckey or project of a job.
Whether to allow the job to requeue or not.
Job array index values. The -J and -t options are equivalent.
Export only the specified environment variables. This option can also be used with the -V option to add newly defined environment variables to the existing environment. The variable_list is a comma delimited list of existing environment variable names and/or newly defined environment variables using a name=value format.
The -V option to exports the current environment, which is the default mode of options unless the -v option is used.
Specify the workdir of a job. The default is the current work dir.
-? | --help
brief help message
full documentation
2022-05-06 perl v5.34.0