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SILKAJ,(1) User Commands SILKAJ,(1)


silkaj, - command-line client for Duniter




Show this message and exit.
Show the version and exit.
Default endpoint to reach Ğ1 currency by its official node This option allows to specify a custom endpoint as follow: <host>:<port>. In case no port is specified, it defaults to 443.
Default endpoint to reach ĞTest currency by its official node:
Scrypt authentication: default method
Scrypt parameters: defaults N,r,p: "4096,16,1"
Authentication file. Defaults to: './authfile'
Path file specification with '--auth-file' [default: authfile]
Seed hexadecimal authentication
WIF and EWIF authentication methods
Display the generated document before sending it
By-pass licence, confirmation. Do not send the document, but display it instead


Display program information
Display currency information formatted for Argos or BitBar
Generate authentication file
Get wallet balance
Display blocks: default: 0 for current window size
Send certification
Generate checksum out of a passed pubkey or an...
Display the current Proof of Work difficulty level to...
Display transaction history
Display information about currency
Display Ğ1 license
User identifier and public key lookup
Send and sign membership document: for first emission and...
Send transaction
Verify blocks??? signatures.
Check received and sent certifications and consult the...
February 2022 silkaj, version 0.9.0