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MARKDOWN_PY(1) General Commands Manual MARKDOWN_PY(1)


markdown_py - a Python implementation of John Gruber's Markdown.


markdown_py [options] [INPUT_FILE]

(STDIN is assumed if no INPUT_FILE is given)


Command-line Markdown compiler based on python-markdown module, with extensions support.

Deprecated! Use python3 -m markdown instead, which accepts the same options.


Show program's version number and exit.
Show the help message and exit.
Write output to OUTPUT_FILE. Defaults to STDOUT.
Encoding for input and output files.
Use output format 'xhtml' (default) or 'html'.
Observe number of first item of ordered lists.
Load extension EXTENSION.
Read extension configurations from CONFIG_FILE. CONFIG_FILE must be of JSON or YAML format. YAML format requires python3-yaml package to be installed. The parsed JSON or YAML must result in a Python dictionary which would be accepted by the 'extension_configs' keyword on the markdown.Markdown class. The extensions must also be loaded with the --extension option.
Suppress all warnings.
Print all warnings.
Print debug messages.