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PSPG(1) User Commands PSPG(1)


pspg - PostgreSQL pager


pspg is a Unix pager designed for table browsing.


pspg [OPTION] [file]

General options:

about authors
show this help
show version
open file
quit if content is one screen
specify app used by copy to clipboard (1, 2, 3)
specify escape delay in ms (-1 inf, 0 not used, )
force interactive mode
don't try to deduce format from file suffix
not interactive mode (only for csv and query)
don't use own mouse handling
don't use progressive data load


don't watch inotify event of file without reset searching on sigint (CTRL C)
without waits against flickering
don't use optional xterm mouse mode
use std pager when content is not table
exit on sigint(CTRL C or Escape)
try to fix some pgcli related issues
read queries from stream forever
exit on F3 like mc viewers
rows reserved for specific purposes
read input forever
preserve content after exit

Output format options:

force ascii
black-white style
set color style number (0..23)
row, column labels use bold font
cursor use bold font
type of borders (0..2)
name of custom color style
header separator uses double lines
replace ascii borders by unicode borders
hides header line
use special style for odd records
rows with wrong column numbers are ignored
STRING used instead NULL

Searching options

don't highlight lines for searches
ignore case in searches that do not contain uppercase
ignore case in all searches

Interface options:

freeze N columns (0..9)
status bar like less pager
show line number column
show top bar menu every time
don't show bottom, top bar or both
row cursor will be hidden
don't use the last pattern when starting a new search
don't show scrollbar
don't use beep when scroll is not possible
cursor is visible only when data has table format
show vertical column cursor

Input format options:

input stream has csv format
char used as field separator
specify header line usage
columns with substr in name are ignored
input stream has tsv format

Watch mode options:

execute query
the query (or read file) is repeated every time (sec)

Connection options

database name
database server host (default: "local socket")
database server port (default: "5432")
database user name
force password prompt

Debug options:

log debug info to file
wait NUM seconds to allow attach from a debugger

pspg shares lot of key commands with less pager or vi editor.

August 2022 pspg 5.5.6