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podman-commit(1) General Commands Manual podman-commit(1)


podman-commit - Create new image based on the changed container


podman commit [options] container [image]

podman container commit [options] container [image]


podman commit creates an image based on a changed container. The author of the image can be set using the --author OPTION. Various image instructions can be configured with the --change OPTION and a commit message can be set using the --message OPTION. The container and its processes are paused while the image is committed. This minimizes the likelihood of data corruption when creating the new image. If this is not desired, the --pause OPTION can be set to false. When the commit is complete, Podman will print out the ID of the new image.

If image does not begin with a registry name component, localhost will be added to the name. If image is not provided, the values for the REPOSITORY and TAG values of the created image will each be set to <none>.


--author, -a=author

Set the author for the committed image.

--change, -c=instruction

Apply the following possible instructions to the created image:

  • CMD
  • ENV
  • USER

Can be set multiple times.

--format, -f=oci | docker

Set the format of the image manifest and metadata. The currently supported formats are oci and docker.
The default is oci.


Write the image ID to the file.


Include in the committed image any volumes added to the container by the --volume or --mount OPTIONS to the podman create and podman run commands.
The default is false.

--message, -m=message

Set commit message for committed image.
IMPORTANT: The message field is not supported in oci format.

--pause, -p

Pause the container when creating an image.
The default is false.

--quiet, -q

Suppresses output.
The default is false.

--squash, -s

Squash newly built layers into a single new layer.
The default is false.


Create image from container with entrypoint and label

$ podman commit --change CMD=/bin/bash --change ENTRYPOINT=/bin/sh --change "LABEL blue=image" reverent_golick image-committed
Getting image source signatures
Copying blob sha256:b41deda5a2feb1f03a5c1bb38c598cbc12c9ccd675f438edc6acd815f7585b86

25.80 MB / 25.80 MB [======================================================] 0s Copying config sha256:c16a6d30f3782288ec4e7521c754acc29d37155629cb39149756f486dae2d4cd
448 B / 448 B [============================================================] 0s Writing manifest to image destination Storing signatures e3ce4d93051ceea088d1c242624d659be32cf1667ef62f1d16d6b60193e2c7a8

Create image from container with commit message

$ podman commit -q --message "committing container to image"
reverent_golick image-committed

Create image from container with author

$ podman commit -q --author "firstName lastName" reverent_golick image-committed

Pause a running container while creating the image

$ podman commit -q --pause=true containerID image-committed

Create an image from a container with a default image tag

$ podman commit containerID

Create an image from container with default required capabilities are SETUID and SETGID

$ podman commit -q --change LABEL=io.containers.capabilities=setuid,setgid epic_nobel privimage


podman(1), podman-run(1), podman-create(1)


December 2017, Originally compiled by Urvashi Mohnani ⟨⟩