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podman-machine-rm(1) General Commands Manual podman-machine-rm(1)


podman-machine-rm - Remove a virtual machine


podman machine rm [options] [name]


Remove a virtual machine and its related files. What is actually deleted depends on the virtual machine type. For all virtual machines, the generated SSH keys and the podman system connection are deleted. The ignition files generated for that VM are also removed as is its image file on the filesystem.

Users get a display of what will be deleted and are required to confirm unless the option --force is used.

Rootless only.


--force, -f

Stop and delete without confirmation.


Print usage statement.


Do not delete the generated ignition file.


Do not delete the VM image.


Do not delete the SSH keys for the VM. The system connection is always deleted.


Remove a VM named "test1":

$ podman machine rm test1
The following files will be deleted:
Are you sure you want to continue? [y/N] y

$ podman machine rm -f test1


podman(1), podman-machine(1)


March 2021, Originally compiled by Ashley Cui ⟨⟩