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podman-container-inspect(1) General Commands Manual podman-container-inspect(1)


podman-container-inspect - Display a container's configuration


podman container inspect [options] container [container ...]


This displays the low-level information on containers identified by name or ID. By default, this will render all results in a JSON array. If a format is specified, the given template will be executed for each result.


--format, -f=format

Format the output using the given Go template. The keys of the returned JSON can be used as the values for the --format flag (see examples below).

Valid placeholders for the Go template are listed below:

Placeholder Description
.AppArmorProfile AppArmor profile (string)
.Args Command-line arguments (array of strings)
.BoundingCaps Bounding capability set (array of strings)
.Config ... Structure with config info
.ConmonPidFile Path to file containing conmon pid (string)
.Created Container creation time (string, ISO3601)
.Dependencies Dependencies (array of strings)
.Driver Storage driver (string)
.EffectiveCaps Effective capability set (array of strings)
.ExecIDs Exec IDs (array of strings)
.GraphDriver ... Further details of graph driver (struct)
.HostConfig ... Host config details (struct)
.HostnamePath Path to file containing hostname (string)
.HostsPath Path to container /etc/hosts file (string)
.ID Container ID (full 64-char hash)
.Image Container image ID (64-char hash)
.ImageName Container image name (string)
.IsInfra Is this an infra container? (string: true/false)
.IsService Is this a service container? (string: true/false)
.MountLabel SELinux label of mount (string)
.Mounts Mounts (array of strings)
.Name Container name (string)
.Namespace Container namespace (string)
.NetworkSettings ... Network settings (struct)
.OCIConfigPath Path to OCI config file (string)
.OCIRuntime OCI runtime name (string)
.Path Path to container command (string)
.PidFile Path to file containing container PID (string)
.Pod Parent pod (string)
.ProcessLabel SELinux label of process (string)
.ResolvConfPath Path to container's resolv.conf file (string)
.RestartCount Number of times container has been restarted (int)
.Rootfs Container rootfs (string)
.SizeRootFs Size of rootfs, in bytes [1]
.SizeRw Size of upper (R/W) container layer, in bytes [1]
.State ... Container state info (struct)
.StaticDir Path to container metadata dir (string)

[1] This format specifier requires the --size option

--latest, -l

Instead of providing the container name or ID, use the last created container. If you use methods other than Podman to run containers such as CRI-O, the last started container could be from either of those methods.

(This option is not available with the remote Podman client, including Mac and Windows (excluding WSL2) machines.)

--size, -s

In addition to normal output, display the total file size if the type is a container.


$ podman container inspect foobar

"Id": "99f66530fe9c7249f7cf29f78e8661669d5831cbe4ee80ea757d5e922dd6a8a6",
"Created": "2021-09-16T06:09:08.936623325-04:00",
"Path": "echo",
"Args": [
"State": {
"OciVersion": "1.0.2-dev",
"Status": "exited",
"Running": false,
"Paused": false,
"Restarting": false,
"OOMKilled": false,
"Dead": false,
"Pid": 0,
"ExitCode": 0,
"Error": "",
"StartedAt": "2021-09-16T06:09:09.033564436-04:00",
"FinishedAt": "2021-09-16T06:09:09.036184314-04:00",
"Healthcheck": {
"Status": "",
"FailingStreak": 0,
"Log": null
"Image": "14119a10abf4669e8cdbdff324a9f9605d99697215a0d21c360fe8dfa8471bab",
"ImageName": "",
"Rootfs": "",
"Pod": "",
"ResolvConfPath": "/run/user/3267/containers/overlay-containers/99f66530fe9c7249f7cf29f78e8661669d5831cbe4ee80ea757d5e922dd6a8a6/userdata/resolv.conf",
"HostnamePath": "/run/user/3267/containers/overlay-containers/99f66530fe9c7249f7cf29f78e8661669d5831cbe4ee80ea757d5e922dd6a8a6/userdata/hostname",
"HostsPath": "/run/user/3267/containers/overlay-containers/99f66530fe9c7249f7cf29f78e8661669d5831cbe4ee80ea757d5e922dd6a8a6/userdata/hosts",
"StaticDir": "/home/dwalsh/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay-containers/99f66530fe9c7249f7cf29f78e8661669d5831cbe4ee80ea757d5e922dd6a8a6/userdata",
"OCIConfigPath": "/home/dwalsh/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay-containers/99f66530fe9c7249f7cf29f78e8661669d5831cbe4ee80ea757d5e922dd6a8a6/userdata/config.json",
"OCIRuntime": "crun",
"ConmonPidFile": "/run/user/3267/containers/overlay-containers/99f66530fe9c7249f7cf29f78e8661669d5831cbe4ee80ea757d5e922dd6a8a6/userdata/",
"PidFile": "/run/user/3267/containers/overlay-containers/99f66530fe9c7249f7cf29f78e8661669d5831cbe4ee80ea757d5e922dd6a8a6/userdata/pidfile",
"Name": "foobar",
"RestartCount": 0,
"Driver": "overlay",
"MountLabel": "system_u:object_r:container_file_t:s0:c25,c695",
"ProcessLabel": "system_u:system_r:container_t:s0:c25,c695",
"AppArmorProfile": "",
"EffectiveCaps": [
"BoundingCaps": [
"ExecIDs": [],
"GraphDriver": {
"Name": "overlay",
"Data": {
"LowerDir": "/home/dwalsh/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/e2eb06d8af8218cfec8210147357a68b7e13f7c485b991c288c2d01dc228bb68/diff",
"UpperDir": "/home/dwalsh/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/8f3d70434a3db17410ec4710caf4f251f3e4ed0a96a08124e4b3d4af0a0ea300/diff",
"WorkDir": "/home/dwalsh/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/8f3d70434a3db17410ec4710caf4f251f3e4ed0a96a08124e4b3d4af0a0ea300/work"
"Mounts": [],
"Dependencies": [],
"NetworkSettings": {
"EndpointID": "",
"Gateway": "",
"IPAddress": "",
"IPPrefixLen": 0,
"IPv6Gateway": "",
"GlobalIPv6Address": "",
"GlobalIPv6PrefixLen": 0,
"MacAddress": "",
"Bridge": "",
"SandboxID": "",
"HairpinMode": false,
"LinkLocalIPv6Address": "",
"LinkLocalIPv6PrefixLen": 0,
"Ports": {},
"SandboxKey": ""
"Namespace": "",
"IsInfra": false,
"Config": {
"Hostname": "99f66530fe9c",
"Domainname": "",
"User": "",
"AttachStdin": false,
"AttachStdout": false,
"AttachStderr": false,
"Tty": false,
"OpenStdin": false,
"StdinOnce": false,
"Env": [
"Cmd": [
"Image": "",
"Volumes": null,
"WorkingDir": "/",
"Entrypoint": "",
"OnBuild": null,
"Labels": null,
"Annotations": {
"io.container.manager": "libpod",
"io.kubernetes.cri-o.Created": "2021-09-16T06:09:08.936623325-04:00",
"io.kubernetes.cri-o.TTY": "false",
"io.podman.annotations.autoremove": "FALSE",
"io.podman.annotations.init": "FALSE",
"io.podman.annotations.privileged": "FALSE",
"io.podman.annotations.publish-all": "FALSE",
"org.opencontainers.image.stopSignal": "15"
"StopSignal": 15,
"CreateCommand": [
"Timezone": "local",
"Umask": "0022",
"Timeout": 0,
"StopTimeout": 10
"HostConfig": {
"Binds": [],
"CgroupManager": "systemd",
"CgroupMode": "private",
"ContainerIDFile": "",
"LogConfig": {
"Type": "journald",
"Config": null,
"Path": "",
"Tag": "",
"Size": "0B"
"NetworkMode": "slirp4netns",
"PortBindings": {},
"RestartPolicy": {
"Name": "",
"MaximumRetryCount": 0
"AutoRemove": false,
"VolumeDriver": "",
"VolumesFrom": null,
"CapAdd": [],
"CapDrop": [
"Dns": [],
"DnsOptions": [],
"DnsSearch": [],
"ExtraHosts": [],
"GroupAdd": [],
"IpcMode": "shareable",
"Cgroup": "",
"Cgroups": "default",
"Links": null,
"OomScoreAdj": 0,
"PidMode": "private",
"Privileged": false,
"PublishAllPorts": false,
"ReadonlyRootfs": false,
"SecurityOpt": [],
"Tmpfs": {},
"UTSMode": "private",
"UsernsMode": "",
"ShmSize": 65536000,
"Runtime": "oci",
"ConsoleSize": [
"Isolation": "",
"CpuShares": 0,
"Memory": 0,
"NanoCpus": 0,
"CgroupParent": "user.slice",
"BlkioWeight": 0,
"BlkioWeightDevice": null,
"BlkioDeviceReadBps": null,
"BlkioDeviceWriteBps": null,
"BlkioDeviceReadIOps": null,
"BlkioDeviceWriteIOps": null,
"CpuPeriod": 0,
"CpuQuota": 0,
"CpuRealtimePeriod": 0,
"CpuRealtimeRuntime": 0,
"CpusetCpus": "",
"CpusetMems": "",
"Devices": [],
"DiskQuota": 0,
"KernelMemory": 0,
"MemoryReservation": 0,
"MemorySwap": 0,
"MemorySwappiness": 0,
"OomKillDisable": false,
"PidsLimit": 2048,
"Ulimits": [],
"CpuCount": 0,
"CpuPercent": 0,
"IOMaximumIOps": 0,
"IOMaximumBandwidth": 0,
"CgroupConf": null
} ]

$ podman container inspect nervous_fermi --format "{{.ImageName}}"

$ podman container inspect foobar --format "{{.GraphDriver.Name}}"

$ podman container inspect --latest --format {{.EffectiveCaps}}


podman(1), podman-container(1), podman-inspect(1)


Sep 2021, Originally compiled by Dan Walsh ⟨⟩