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NPROXY(1) PowerDNS Authoritative Server NPROXY(1)


nproxy - DNS notification proxy


nproxy --powerdns-address ADDRESS [OPTION]... ADDRESS...


nproxy is a simple daemon that reads DNS NOTIFY queries on one address and forwards them to an 'inner' nameserver that will process the notification.

Its usecase is e.g. a private authoritative server inside a NAT or firewalled LAN where nproxy is deployed in the DMZ.

The PowerDNS Authoritative Server has the trusted-notification-proxy option that should be set to the address set with --origin-address to accept these proxied notifications.

nproxy also has a health-check option built in. A query for 'pdns.nproxy.' with QType 'TXT' will be responded to with an answer of "OK" (inside the TXT record. When the query is for an A-record, '' is returned.


IP address of the PowerDNS server to forward the notifications to.
chroot to PATH for additional security.
setuid to this numerical UID.
setgid to this numerical GID.
Set the source of the notifications sent to PowerDNS to ADDRESS. By default, the best matching address (kernel's choice) is used.
IP addresses to listen on.
Source port to listen on, 53 by default.
Set ARG to 0 to disable running in the background.
Be verbose




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July 12, 2022