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EFILTER(1) NCBI Entrez Direct User's Manual EFILTER(1)
NCBI "NCBI Entrez Direct User's Manual"


efilter - filter and/or sort NCBI Entrez search results


efilter [-help] [-query str] [-days N] [-datetype field] [-mindate date] [-maxdate date] [-pub type] [-journal name] [-released when] [-country name] [-feature type] [-location type] [-molecule type] [-organism type] [-source type] [-division code] [-keyword purpose] [-purpose why] [-status alive] [-type type] [-class class]


efilter filters and/or sorts results from a previous Entrez Direct search.


Query Specification

Limit results to those matching the given query string.

Date Constraint

Keep only results from the past N days.
Which date field (in abbreviated form) to consider.
Start of date range.
End of date range.

Publication Filters

abstract, clinical, english, free, historical, journal, medline, preprint, published, retracted, retraction, review, or structured.
pnas, "j bacteriol", ...
last_week, last_month, last_year, or prev_years.

Sequence Filters

usa:minnesota, united_kingdom, "pacific ocean", ...
gene, mrna, cds, mat_peptide, ...
mitochondrion, chloroplast, plasmid, or plastid.
genomic, mrna, trna, rrna, or ncrna.
animals, archaea, bacteria, eukaryotes, fungi, human, insects, mammals, plants, prokaryotes, protists, rodents, viruses, ...
genbank, insd, pdb, pir, refseq, select, swissprot, or tpa.
Three-letter GenBank division code: bct, con, env, est, gss, htc, htg, inv, mam, pat, phg, pln, pri, rod, sts, syn, una, vrl, or vrt.
baseline or targeted.

Gene Filters

coding or pseudo.

SNP Filters

acceptor, donor, coding, frameshift, indel, intron, missense, nonsense, or synonymous.

Assembly Filters

latest or replaced.

Miscellaneous Arguments

Print usage information.


combine-uid-lists(1), difference-uid-lists(1), esearch(1), nquire(1), exclude-uid-lists(1), intersect-uid-lists(1).

2023-02-18 NCBI