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MANPATH(1) Hulpprogramma's paginaopmaker MANPATH(1)


manpath - determine search path for manual pages


manpath [-qgdc?V] [-m system[,...]] [-C file]


If $MANPATH is set, manpath will simply display its contents and issue a warning. If not, manpath will determine a suitable manual page hierarchy search path and display the results.

The colon-delimited path is determined using information gained from the man-db configuration file – (/etc/manpath.config) and the user's environment.


Do not issue warnings.
Foutinformatie tonen.
Produce a catpath as opposed to a manpath. Once the manpath is determined, each path element is converted to its relative catpath.
Produce a manpath consisting of all paths named as "global" within the man-db configuration file.
If this system has access to other operating systems' manual hierarchies, this option can be used to include them in the output of manpath. To include NewOS's manual page hierarchies use the option -m NewOS.

The system specified can be a combination of comma delimited operating system names. To include the native operating system's manual page hierarchies, the system name man must be included in the argument string. This option will override the $SYSTEM environment variable.

Gebruik dit gebruikersconfiguratiebestand in plaats van de standaard van ~/.manpath.
-?, --help
Een hulptekst tonen en stoppen.
Print a short usage message and exit.
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If $MANPATH is set, manpath displays its value rather than determining it on the fly.

See the SEARCH PATH section of manpath(5) for the default behaviour and details of how this environment variable is handled.

Wanneer $SYSTEM is opgegeven, heeft dit hetzelfde effect als het opgegeven van optie -m als argument.




apropos(1), man(1), whatis(1)


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