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PAPI_disable_component(3) PAPI PAPI_disable_component(3)


PAPI_disable_component -

disables the specified component


Detailed Description

@retval ENOCMP

component does not exist
@retval ENOINIT
cannot disable as PAPI has already been initialized @param cidx
component index of component to be disabled @par Examples:

int cidx, result;
cidx = PAPI_get_component_index("example");
if (cidx>=0) {
result = PAPI_disable_component(cidx);
if (result==PAPI_OK)
printf("The example component is disabled0);
// ...
PAPI_library_init(); *

PAPI_disable_component() allows the user to disable components before PAPI_library_init() time. This is useful if the user knows they do not wish to use events from that component and want to reduce the PAPI library overhead.

PAPI_disable_component() must be called before PAPI_library_init().

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