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XmTranslateKey(3) Library Functions Manual XmTranslateKey(3)


XmTranslateKey — The default keycode-to-keysym translator "XmTranslateKey"


#include <Xm/Xm.h>
void XmTranslateKey(
Display *display,
KeyCode keycode,
Modifiers modifiers,
Modifiers *modifiers_return,
KeySym *keysym_return);


XmTranslateKey is the default XtKeyProc translation procedure for Motif applications. The function takes a keycode and modifiers and returns the corresponding keysym.

XmTranslateKey serves two main purposes: to enable new translators with expanded functionality to get the default Motif keycode-to-keysym translation in addition to whatever they add, and to reinstall the default translator. This function enables keysyms defined by the Motif virtual bindings to be used when an application requires its own XtKeyProc to be installed.

Specifies the display that the keycode is from
Specifies the keycode to translate
Specifies the modifier keys to be applied to the keycode
Specifies a mask of the modifier keys actually used to generate the keysym (an AND of modifiers and any default modifiers applied by the currently registered translator)
Specifies a pointer to the resulting keysym