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XmToggleButtonSetValue(3) Library Functions Manual XmToggleButtonSetValue(3)


XmToggleButtonSetValue — A ToggleButton function that sets or changes the current state "XmToggleButtonSetValue" "ToggleButton functions" "XmToggleButtonSetValue"


#include <Xm/ToggleB.h>
void XmToggleButtonSetValue(
Widget widget,
XmToggleButtonState state,
Boolean notify);


XmToggleButtonSetValue sets or changes the ToggleButton's current state.

Specifies the ToggleButton widget ID.
Specifies whether the ToggleButton state is selected or unselected. If the value is True, the button state is selected; if it is False, the button state is unselected, if it is XmINDETERMINATE, the button state is neither.
Indicates whether XmNvalueChangedCallback is called; it can be either True or False. The XmNvalueChangedCallback is only called when this function changes the state of the ToggleButton. When this argument is True and the ToggleButton is a child of a RowColumn widget whose XmNradioBehavior is True, setting the ToggleButton causes other ToggleButton and ToggleButtonGadget children of the RowColumn to be unselected.

For a complete definition of ToggleButton and its associated resources, see XmToggleButton(3).