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XmToggleButtonSetState(3) Library Functions Manual XmToggleButtonSetState(3)


XmToggleButtonSetState — A ToggleButton function that sets or changes the current state "XmToggleButtonSetState" "ToggleButton functions" "XmToggleButtonSetState"


#include <Xm/ToggleB.h>
void XmToggleButtonSetState(
Widget widget,
Boolean state,
Boolean notify);


XmToggleButtonSetState sets or changes the ToggleButton's current state.

Specifies the ToggleButton widget ID.
Specifies a Boolean value that indicates whether the ToggleButton state is selected or unselected. If the value is True, the button state is selected; if it is False, the button state is unselected.
Indicates whether XmNvalueChangedCallback is called; it can be either True or False. The XmNvalueChangedCallback is only called when this function changes the state of the ToggleButton. When this argument is True and the ToggleButton is a child of a RowColumn widget whose XmNradioBehavior is True, setting the ToggleButton causes other ToggleButton and ToggleButtonGadget children of the RowColumn to be unselected.

For a complete definition of ToggleButton and its associated resources, see XmToggleButton(3).