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XmTextShowPosition(3) Library Functions Manual XmTextShowPosition(3)


XmTextShowPosition — A Text function that forces text at a given position to be displayed "XmTextShowPosition" "Text functions" "XmTextShowPosition"


#include <Xm/Text.h>
void XmTextShowPosition(
Widget widget,
XmTextPosition position);


XmTextShowPosition forces text at the specified position to be displayed. If the XmNautoShowCursorPosition resource is True, the application should also set the insert cursor to this position.

Specifies the Text widget ID
Specifies the character position to be displayed. This is an integer number of characters from the beginning of the text buffer. The first character position is 0 (zero).

If a navigator exists, this function uses the XmQTnavigator trait to update the horizontal navigator's value.

For a complete definition of Text and its associated resources, see XmText(3).