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mysql_use_result(3) MariaDB Connector/C mysql_use_result(3)


mysql_use_result - returns an unbuffered result set


#include <nysql.h>
MYSQL_RES * mysql_use_result(MYSQL * mysql);


Used to initiate the retrieval of a result set from the last query executed using the mysql_real_query() function on the database connection. Either this or the mysql_store_result(3) function must be called before the results of a query can be retrieved, and one or the other must be called to prevent the next query on that database connection from failing.


mysql is a connection identifier, which was previously allocated by mysql_init(3) and connected by mysql_real_connect(3).


The mysql_use_result() function does not transfer the entire result set. Hence several functions like mysql_num_rows(3) or mysql_data_seek(3) cannot be used. mysql_use_result() will block the current connection until all result sets are retrieved or result set was released by mysql_free_result(3).

Return value

Returns an unbuffered result set or NULL if an error occurred.

See also

Version 3.3.1