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Data::ICal::Entry::Event(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Data::ICal::Entry::Event(3pm)


Data::ICal::Entry::Event - Represents an event in an iCalendar file


    my $vevent = Data::ICal::Entry::Event->new();
        summary => "my party",
        description => "I'll cry if I want to",
        # Dat*e*::ICal is not a typo here
        dtstart   => Date::ICal->new( epoch => time )->ical,


A Data::ICal::Entry::Event object represents a single event in an iCalendar file. (Note that the iCalendar RFC refers to entries as "components".) It is a subclass of Data::ICal::Entry and accepts all of its methods.



Returns "VEVENT", its iCalendar entry name.


The "uid" property is mandatory if "rfc_strict" was passed to "new" in Data::ICal.


According to the iCalendar standard, the following properties may be specified at most one time for an event:

        class  created  description  dtstart  geo
        last-modified  location  organizer  priority
        dtstamp  sequence  status  summary  transp
        uid  url  recurrence-id

In addition, "dtend" and "duration" may be specified at most once each, but not both in the same entry (though this restriction is not enforced).

Or if "vcal10 => 1":

        class dcreated completed description dtstart dtend
        last-modified location rnum priority
        sequence status summary transp
        url uid


According to the iCalendar standard, the following properties may be specified any number of times for an event:

        attach  attendee  categories  comment
        contact  exdate  exrule  request-status  related-to
        resources  rdate  rrule

Or if "vcal10 => 1":

        aalarm  attach  attendee  categories
        dalarm  exdate  exrule  malarm  palarm  related-to
        resources  rdate  rrule


For date parsing and formatting, including denoting "all day" events, considering using this module. Because it's a "mix in", you can still use all the methods here as well as the new date handling methods it defines.


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Copyright (c) 2005 - 2020, Best Practical Solutions, LLC. All rights reserved.

This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See perlartistic.

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