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Cache::Simple::TimedExpiry(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Cache::Simple::TimedExpiry(3pm)


Cache::Simple::TimedExpiry - simple, time-expiring cache


 package main; 
 use strict; 
 use warnings;
 $,=' '; $|++;
 use Cache::Simple::TimedExpiry;
 my $h =  Cache::Simple::TimedExpiry->new;
 $h->set( DieQuick => "No duration!", 0); 
 print $h->elements;
 do { $h->set($_,"Value of $_", 1); sleep 2;} 
    for qw(Have a nice day you little monkey); 
 print $h->elements; $h->dump; sleep 4; print $h->elements; $h->dump;
 print time;


Set up a new cache object

expire_after SECONDS

Set the cache's expiry policy to expire entries after SECONDS seconds. Setting this changes the expiry policy for pre-existing cache entries and for new ones.

has_key KEY

Return true if the cache has an entry with the key KEY

fetch KEY

Return the cache entry with key KEY. Returns undef if there is no such entry

(Can also be called as get)


Store VALUE in the cache with accessor KEY. Expire it from the cache at or after EXPIRYTIME.

(Can also be called as set)


Jesse Vincent <> Some of the heavy lifting was designed by Robert Spier <>

Copyright 2004 Jesse Vincent <>

2022-06-13 perl v5.34.0