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Bread::Board::LifeCycle::Singleton(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Bread::Board::LifeCycle::Singleton(3pm)


Bread::Board::LifeCycle::Singleton - service role for singleton lifecycle


version 0.37


Sub-role of Bread::Board::LifeCycle, this role defines the "singleton" lifecycle for a service. The "get" method will only do its work the first time it is invoked; subsequent invocations will return the same object.



The object build by the last call to "get" to actually do any work, and returned by any subsequent call to "get".



The first time this is called (or the first time after calling "flush_instance"), the actual "get" method will be invoked, and its return value cached in the "instance" attribute. The value of that attribute will always be returned, so you can call "get" as many time as you need, and always receive the same instance.


Predicate for the "instance" attribute.


Clearer for the "instance" attribute. Clearing the attribute will cause the next call to "get" to instantiate a new object.


Stevan Little <>


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