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Bread::Board::Container::Parameterized(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Bread::Board::Container::Parameterized(3pm)


Bread::Board::Container::Parameterized - A parameterized container


version 0.37


This class implements a sort of container factory for Bread::Board: a parameterized container is a, in practice, a function from a set of parameters (which must be containers) to an actual container. See Bread::Board::Manual::Example::FormSensible for an example.



Read/write string, required. Every container needs a name, by which it can be referenced when fetching it.


Read-only arrayref of strings, required. These are the names of the containers that must be passed to "create" to get an actual container out of this parameterized object.


This attribute holds the "prototype" container. Services inside it can depend on service paths that include the container names given in "allowed_parameter_names".












All these methods are delegated to the "prototype" "container", so that this object can be defined as if it were a normal container.


  my $container = $parameterized_container->create(%params);

After checking that the keys of %params are exactly the same strings that are present in "allowed_parameter_names", this method clones the prototype "container", adds the %params to the clone as sub-containers, and returns the clone.

If this was not a top-level container, the parent is also cloned, and the container clone is added to the parent clone.

Please note that the container returned by this method does not have the same name as the parameterized container, and that calling this method with different parameter values will return different containers, but all with the same name. It's probably a bad idea to instantiate a non-top-level parameterized container more than once.



These two methods die, since services in a parameterized container won't usually resolve, and attempting to do so is almost always a mistake.


Stevan Little <>


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