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Bloom::Filter(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Bloom::Filter(3pm)


Bloom::Filter - Sample Perl Bloom filter implementation


A Bloom filter is a probabilistic algorithm for doing existence tests in less memory than a full list of keys would require. The tradeoff to using Bloom filters is a certain configurable risk of false positives. This module implements a simple Bloom filter with configurable capacity and false positive rate. Bloom filters were first described in a 1970 paper by Burton Bloom, see <>.


        use Bloom::Filter
        my $bf = Bloom::Filter->new( capacity => 10, error_rate => .001 );
        $bf->add( @keys );
        while ( <> ) {
                print "Found $_\n" if $bf->check( $_ );


Create a brand new instance. Allowable params are "error_rate", "capacity".
Calculates the best number of hash functions and optimum filter length, creates some random salts, and generates a blank bit vector. Called automatically by constructor.


Returns the total capacity of the Bloom filter
Returns the configured maximum error rate
Returns the length of the Bloom filter in bits
Returns the number of items currently stored in the filter
Returns the number of 'on' bits in the filter
Returns the list of salts used to create the hash functions


Adds the list of keys to the filter. Will fail, return "undef" and complain if the number of keys in the filter exceeds the configured capacity.
Checks the provided key list against the Bloom filter, and returns a list of equivalent length, with true or false values depending on whether there was a match.


_calculate_shortest_filter_length CAPACITY ERR_RATE
Given a desired error rate and maximum capacity, returns the optimum combination of vector length (in bits) and number of hash functions to use in building the filter, where "optimum" means shortest vector length.
_get_cells KEY
Given a key, hashes it using the list of salts and returns an array of cell indexes corresponding to the key.


Originally written by Maciej Ceglowski <>. Currently maintained by Grzegorz Rożniecki <>.


Dmitriy Ryaboy <> (big speedup in February 2007, thanks!)


(c) 2004 Maciej Ceglowski

This is free software, distributed under version 2 of the GNU Public License (GPL).

2022-06-08 perl v5.34.0