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JALV(1) General Commands Manual JALV(1)


jalv - Run an LV2 plugin as a JACK application (console version).




Buffer size for plugin <=> UI communication.

Set control value (e.g. "vol=1.4").

Dump plugin <=> UI communication.

Load the UI with the given URI.

Print the command line options.

Ignore input on stdin (for background use).

Load state from state directory.

Jack client name

Print control output changes to stdout.

Show plugin UI if possible.

This option only works when plugins provide a UI that is usable via the non-embeddable showHide interface. For other, embeddable UIs, use jalv.gtk(1) or jalv.qt(1).

Print trace messages from plugin

Use only exact Jack client name, and exit if it is taken


The Jalv prompt supports several commands for interactive control:

help Display help message
controls Print settable control values
monitors Print output control values
presets Print available presets
preset URI Set preset
set INDEX VALUE Set control value by port index
set SYMBOL VALUE Set control value by symbol
SYMBOL = VALUE Set control value by symbol


jalv.gtk(1), jalv.gtkmm(1), jalv.qt(2), lv2ls(1), jackd(1)


jalv was written by David Robillard <>

This manual page was written by Jaromír Mikes <> and David Robillard <>

18 Feb 2017