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istgt(1) General Commands Manual istgt(1)


istgt - iSCSI target


istgt [options]


istgt is an iSCSI target for FreeBSD 7.1 or later. It is designed for multipath failover cluster nodes. Also useful for virtual machine such as Hyper-V, ESXi.


Use specified file as configuration file. Multiple instance of istgt is allowed for different IP/ports.
Use specified file for writing PID of daemon. Also it can be specified in configuration file. This option overwrites by setting of configuration file.
Use specific syslog facility.
Use specified operational mode. 0 = traditional (similar to 20100707), 1 = normal (default), 2 = experimental (new feature mode).
Print trace information to standard error. trace flag (all, net, iscsi, scsi, lu, none)
Use quiet mode. The warning message is omitted.
The istgt will not detach from tty and run as foreground. It requires to print tarce information.
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Configuration file
Authentication information file
PID of daemon


Daisuke Aoyama <>

March 12, 2009 istgt