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SCANLOGS(8) InterNetNews Documentation SCANLOGS(8)


scanlogs - Summarize and rotate INN log files


scanlogs [norotate]


scanlogs summarizes the information recorded in the INN log files which reside in the pathlog directory set in inn.conf (see newslog(5) for further details about these log files). It is normally invoked by the news.daily(8) script which performs daily server maintenance tasks.

It invokes "ctlinnd flushlogs" to close the news and error log files, rename them to add ".old" to the file names and open fresh news and error logs; the active file is also flushed to disk, along with the history database.

By default, scanlogs rotates and cleans out the logs. It keeps up to logcycles old compressed log files in pathlog/OLD (the logcycles parameter can be set in inn.conf). scanlogs also keeps archives of the active file in this directory.

It invokes tally.control if newgroup.log or rmgroup.log exists in pathlog (see the control.log entry of newslog(5) for more information about that).

scanlogs displays the first 50 lines of errlog, news.err and news.crit, if non-empty, and runs innreport to summarize the contents of news and news.notice, and to update the unwanted.log file amongst other things (see more information about that in innreport(8)).


Only one option is currently accepted:

Using this option disables the rotating and cleaning aspect of the log processing: the logs files are only scanned for information and no contents are altered. If scanlogs is invoked more than once a day, the norotate option should be used to prevent premature log cleaning.


See newslog(5) for the list of log files processed by scanlogs.


Written by Landon Curt Noll <> and Rich $alz <> for InterNetNews. Converted to POD by Julien Elie.


inn.conf(5), innreport(8), news.daily(8), newslog(5), shlock(1), tally.control(8).

2022-05-14 INN 2.6.5