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haproxy_log_analysis - generate aggregate statistics from HAProxy HTTP logs


usage: haproxy_log_analysis [-h] [-l LOG] [-s START] [-d DELTA] [-c COMMAND]

[-f FILTER] [-n] [--list-commands]

Analyze HAProxy log files and outputs statistics about it


show this help message and exit
HAProxy log file to analyze
Process log entries starting at this time, in HAProxy date format (e.g. 11/Dec/2013 or 11/Dec/2013:19:31:41). At least provide the day/month/year. Values not specified will use their base value (e.g. 00 for hour). Use in conjunction with -d to limit the number of entries to process.
Limit the number of entries to process. Express the time delta as a number and a time unit, e.g.: 1s, 10m, 3h or 4d (for 1 second, 10 minutes, 3 hours or 4 days). Use in conjunction with -s to only analyze certain time delta. If no start time is given, the time on the first line will be used instead.
List of commands, comma separated, to run on the log file. See --list-commands to get a full list of them.
List of filters to apply on the log file. Passed as comma separated and parameters within square brackets, e.g ip[],ssl,path[/some/path]. See --listfilters to get a full list of them.
Make filters passed with -f work the other way around, i.e. if the ``ssl`` filter is passed instead of showing only ssl requests it will show non-ssl traffic. If the ``ip`` filter is used, then all but that ip passed to the filter will be used.
Lists all commands available.
Lists all filters available.
May 2022 haproxy_log_analysis 2.0~b0