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r.out.pov(1grass) GRASS GIS User's Manual r.out.pov(1grass)


r.out.pov - Converts a raster map layer into a height-field file for POV-Ray.


raster, export, output


r.out.pov --help
r.out.pov input=name output=name [hftype=integer] [bias=float] [scale=float] [--overwrite] [--help] [--verbose] [--quiet] [--ui]


Allow output files to overwrite existing files

Print usage summary

Verbose module output

Quiet module output

Force launching GUI dialog


Name of input raster map

Name of output povray file (TGA height field file)

Height-field type (0=actual heights 1=normalized)

Elevation bias

Vertical scaling factor


r.out.pov converts a user-specified raster map layer (map==name) into a height-field file for POVray (tga==name). The hftype==value option (where value is either 0 or 1) specifies the height-field type. When the user enters 0 the output will be actual heights. If entered 1 the cell-values will be normalized. If hftype is 0 (actual heights) the bias==value can be used to add or subtract a value from heights. Use scale==value to scale your heights by value. The GRASS program r.out.pov can be used to create height- field files for Persistence of Vision (POV) raytracer. POV can use a height-field defined in Targa (.TGA) image file format where the RGB pixel values are 24 bits (3 bytes). A 16 bit unsigned integer height-field value is assigned as follows: RED = high byte, GREEN = low byte, BLUE = empty.


An example Povray script file may look like this:

#include ""
#include ""
#include ""
#declare Scale = 7;
light_source { <40000, Scale*3000, 5000> color MainLight }
camera {

location < 23000, Scale*2000, 0>
angle 90
look_at < 23000, Scale*1400, 5000> } height_field {
tga ""
water_level 0.11 // 726 / 6553.6 = 0.111
texture {
pigment {
image_map { // image is always projected from -z, with front facing +z, top to +Y
ppm ""
rotate x*90 // align map to height_field
finish {
ambient 0.2 // Very dark shadows
diffuse 0.8 // Whiten the whites
phong 0.2 // shiny
phong_size 100.0 // with tight highlights
specular 0.5
roughness 0.05
scale < 14500, Scale*6553.6, 13000 >
translate <18300, 0, 1100> }


Klaus D. Meyer, GEUM.tec GbR, eMail:


Available at: r.out.pov source code (history)

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