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GRAPHVIZ(7) Miscellaneous Information Manual GRAPHVIZ(7)


graphviz - rich set of graph drawing tools


This manpage has been written to fulfil the need of a centralized documentation presenting all available tools in the graphviz package.


Graph layout programs

filter for hierarchical layouts of graphs
filter for symmetric layouts of graphs
filter for radial layouts of graphs
filter for circular layout of graphs
filter for symmetric layouts of graphs

All of the filters work with either directed or undirected graphs, though dot is typically used for directed graphs and neato for undirected graphs. Note also that neato -n[2] can be used to render layouts produced by the other filters.

Graph drawing programs

A Programmable Graphics Editor
lefty + neato
lefty + dot

Graph layout enhancement

flow colors through a ranked digraph
adjust directed graphs to improve layout aspect ratio
merge and pack disjoint graphs

Graph information and transformation

count graph components
make directed graph acyclic
pretty-print graph file
connected components filter for graphs
extract strongly connected components of directed graphs
transitive reduction filter for directed graphs
single-source distance filter
biconnected components filter for graphs
graph pattern scanning and processing language
prune directed graphs


GXL-DOT converters


This manual page was written by Cyril Brulebois <> in november 2006, based on an initial documentation effort by Joachim Berdal Haga <>. It can be distributed under the same terms as the graphviz package.

November 19, 2006