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GRANULE(6) User Commands GRANULE(6)


granule - a flashcards program.


Granule is a flashcard program that implements Leitner cardfile methodology for learning new words. It features both short-term and long-term memory training capabilities with scheduling.



-D, --log-file=NAME - Write debug to NAME file

-z, --log-size=NUM - Maximum size debug file can reach (dfl: is 10Mb)

alternative configuration file.

-d, --log-stdout=YESNO - Write debug to standard output

--with-log-server=YESNO - Redirect log messages to the log server

--log-server=NAME - Define assa-logd server address

-c, --log-level=NUM - Log verbosity

-m, --mask=MASK - Mask (default: 0x0; all=0x7fffffff)

0x00000001 - (TRACE)
Dependencies trace.
0x00000002 - (GRAPP)
Log general program flow
0x00000004 - (GUITRACE) Log every function entry/leave 0x00000008 - (DECK) Log Deck-related operations 0x00000010 - (GEOM) Log geometry changes 0x00000020 - (ERROR) General errors 0x02000000 - (KEYIN) Log keyboard input activitiy 0x04000000 - (CSVPARSER) CSV parser 0x08000000 - (VERIFY) Answer Verification control.

--secs-in-day=NUM - Number of seconds in a day (used for debugging)

--secs-in-week=NUM - Number of seconds in a week (used for debugging)

cardbox{1..5}.dat after every card movement.

-v, --version - Print version number


Written by Vladislav Grinchenko


The full documentation for granule is maintained at sourceforge in a variety of formats.
January 2015 granule