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epubcheck - Validation tool for EPUB


epubcheck file.epub


All detected errors are simply printed to stderr

When running this tool, the first argument should be the name (with the path) of the file to check. If checking a non-epub file, the epub version of the file must be specified using -v and the type of the file using -mode. The default version is: 3.0.

Modes and versions supported: -mode opf -v 2.0 // For single OPF file validation (EPUB 2) -mode opf -v 3.0 // For single OPF file validation (EPUB 3) -mode xhtml -v 2.0 // For single XHTML file validation (EPUB 2) -mode xhtml -v 3.0 // For single XHTML file validation (EPUB 3) -mode svg -v 2.0 // For single SVG file validation (EPUB 2) -mode svg -v 3.0 // For single SVG file validation (EPUB 3) -mode nav -v 3.0 // For single 'Navigation Document' validation -mode mo -v 3.0 // For single 'Media Overlays' validation -mode exp // For validating expanded EPUB archives

This tool also accepts the following flags: -save = saves the epub created from the expanded epub (-mode exp) -quiet = no message sent to stdout, only errors in stderr -out <file> = output an assessment XML document in file (experimental) -? or -help = displays this help message

Epubcheck Version 4.0.0


Peter Sorotokin
Garth Conboy
Markus Gylling
Piotr Kula
Paul Norton
Jessica Hekman
George Bina
Bogdan Iordache
Ionut-Maxim Margelatu
Romain Deltour

Most of the EpubCheck functionality comes from the schema validation tool Jing and schemas that were developed by IDPF and DAISY. Initial EpubCheck development was largely done at Adobe Systems.

This manual page was written by Mathieu Malaterre <> for the Debian GNU/Linux system, but may be used by others.

September 2014 epubcheck 4.0.0