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ENJARIFY(1) General Commands Manual (usd) ENJARIFY(1)


enjarifytranslate Dalvik to Java bytecode


enjarify [-h] [-o OUTPUT] [-f] [--fast] inputfile


Android applications (.apk) contain Java classes compiled in bytecode for the Dalvik VM, usually inside the file classes.dex. To allow analyzing those files, they have to be translated back to normal Java bytecode.


Display brief usage information.
--output OUTPUT
The output file (.jar). Default: [input-filename]-enjarify.jar
Force overwriting the specified output file if it already exists.
Disable optimizations that produce more readable bytecode, which speeds up the conversion.
The input file (.dex or .apk). If a multidex apk is specified, all dex files will be translated into a single .jar file.


Optional metadata like source file attributes, line numbers and annotations are currently not translated.

August 26, 2015 Linux