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DVTM-EDITOR(1) General Commands Manual DVTM-EDITOR(1)


dvtm-editormake a text editor act as a filter


dvtm-editor ARGS...


The dvtm-editor is a file buffering utility used by the dvtm(1) terminal multiplexer to implement its copy mode. It reads the standard input and saves it to a temporary file, then opens an editor according to the ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES.

If the invoked editor terminates with a non-zero exit status or the file modification time remains unchanged, dvtm-editor does not output anything. Otherwise, it outputs the content of the modified temporary file to stdout.

All command line arguments are forwarded verbatim. dvtm(1) uses this to adjust the initial view port by passing , meaning the start of line should be displayed.


dvtm-editor will try to find the user editor by checking these variables in order:

Permitting to invoke an editor specific to dvtm, or set particular flags.
Falling back to global defaults: VISUAL and EDITOR.

If no editor is found, vi(1) is used.


The temporary files are created according to the template: /tmp/dvtm-editor.XXXXXX.

/dev/tty is opened to obtain a controlling tty which is used for the standard input/output streams of the invoked editor.


Using vis(1) as editor is particularly convenient because :wq! in visual mode will reduce the file to the currently active selection(s).


vi(1), dvtm(1), dvtm-pager(1)


dvtm is written by
Marc André Tanner <mat at>

December 27, 2016 dvtm 0.15+40.g311a8c0-1