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CIF_DDLM_DIC_PRINT(1) General Commands Manual CIF_DDLM_DIC_PRINT(1)


cif_ddlm_dic_print - pretty-print a DDLm dictionary file.


cif_ddlm_dic_print --options cif_core.dic


Pretty-print a DDLm dictionary file.


Resolve DDLm dictionary import statements before
printing out the dictionary.

Do not resolve DDLm dictionary import statements before
printing out the dictionary (default).

-I, --add-ddlm-import-path './ddlm/cod/'
Prepend an additional directory to the dictionary
import path. The dictionary import path specifies
a list of directories in which to look for files
that are imported by DDLm-compliant CIF dictionaries.
Directories provided using this option are assigned
the highest priority and are searched prior to
the directories listed in the COD_TOOLS_DDLM_IMPORT_PATH
environment variable or the default import path
(directory of the importing dictionary).

Remove all directories from the dictionary import path
that were added using the --add-ddlm-import-path option.
Neither COD_TOOLS_DDLM_IMPORT_PATH environment variable
nor the default import path is affected by this option.

--help, --usage
Output a short usage message (this message) and exit.

Output version information and exit.


A list of directories in which to look for the
DDLm-compliant CIF dictionaries that are imported
by other DDLm-compliant CIF dictionaries. List
elements are separated by the colon symbol (':').
Directories listed in COD_TOOLS_DDLM_IMPORT_PATH
have a lower priority than those provided using
the command line option (--add-dictionary-import-path),
but higher than the default import path directory
(directory of the importing dictionary).


Report cif_ddlm_dic_print bugs using e-mail: