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CALIBRE(1) calibre CALIBRE(1)


calibre - calibre

calibre [options] [path_to_ebook]

Launch the main calibre Graphical User Interface and optionally add the e-book at path_to_ebook to the database.

Whenever you pass arguments to calibre that have spaces in them, enclose the arguments in quotation marks. For example: "/some path/with spaces"


Detach from the controlling terminal, if any (Linux only)

--help, -h
show this help message and exit

Ignore custom plugins, useful if you installed a plugin that is preventing calibre from starting

Nicht nach Updates suchen

--shutdown-running-calibre, -s
Cause a running calibre instance, if any, to be shutdown. Note that if there are running jobs, they will be silently aborted, so use with care.

Minimiert im Systembereich der Kontrollleiste starten.

--verbose, -v
Ignored, do not use. Present only for legacy reasons

show program's version number and exit

Die im angegebenen Pfad sich befindende Bibliothek verwenden


Kovid Goyal


Kovid Goyal
Juli 31, 2020 4.22.0