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bootcdwrite - build a bootable iso image from a running system


bootcdwrite [-i|-s|-m] [-d debug_runtime_config] -- [-h|--help]
[-c|--conf CONF] [--only_floppy] [-y|--yes] [--mokcrtder MOKCRTDER] [--variable_from_bootcdwrite.conf(5) value]


bootcdwrite is used to write a Linux Installation to an iso image. It is possible to copy a system mounted per NFS to a local iso. The iso can be copied to a CD or DVD with standard tools.

It is important that the kernel can access the cdrom on the system, where you want to boot from the CD, without having to load any modules. (Because to load modules from CD, the kernel must have access to CD before). If this is not the case you have first to create a new kernel with CD-support built in.

If something goes wrong with bootcdwrite, the user will be given the chance to correct the problem. bootcdwrite starts many commands. If a command exits with an exit code != 0, or if a command produces unknown output on stdout or stderr, the command and the output will be shown to the user. He gets the option to exit, retry the failed command, or to ignore the failed command.


Run bootcdwrite in interactive, silent or minimal control mode. See shellia(1) for this standard shellia options.

-d debug_runtime_config

Run bootcdwrite in debug mode. See shellia(1) for this standard shellia options.

-c|--conf CONF

use the bootcdwrite config options from file CONF. Default:



print help and exit


only a bootfloppy (to boot an existing bootcd) has to be created.


answer always yes

--mokcrtder MOKCRTDER

If an own Machine Owner Key (MOK) is needed to boot the created bootcd, with secure boot enabled, this option can install the public MOK Certificate in DER format (MOKCRTDER) to the EFI partition of the bootcd, to be loaded manually in BIOS. See

If secure boot is not used, or if a standard Debian signed Kernel is used on a system with the standard Microsoft Platform Key (PK) installed in BIOS this option is not needed.

--variable_from_bootcdwrite.conf(5) value

variables or functions listed in bootcdwrite.conf(5) can be overwritten from command line. For example a variable called VARIABLE will get the value VALUE with the option: --VARIABLE VALUE


bootcd(7), bootcd2disk(1), bootcdflopcp(1), bootcdmk2diskconf(1), bootcdbackup(1), bootcdwrite.conf(5), bootcd2disk.conf(5)



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