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BACULA-SD(8) Network backup, recovery & verification BACULA-SD(8)


bacula-fd - Bacula's File Daemon


bacula-fd [options]


This manual page documents briefly the bacula command.
Bacula's File Daemon acts as the interface between the Bacula network backup system and the filesystems to be backed up: it is responsible for reading/writing/verifying the files to be backup'd/verified/restored. Network transfer can optionally be compressed.


Specify the configuration file to use.
Set debug level to nn.
Print timestamp in debug output.
Send debug messages to the trace file.
Run in foreground (for debugging).
Set the group/gid to run as.
Keep readall permission when dropping privileges.
Print kaboom output (for debugging).
Do not create a PID file.
No signals (for debugging).
Test the configuration file and report errors.
Set the username/uid to run as.
Set verbose mode.
Show version and usage of program.


bacula-dir(8), bacula-sd(8).


This manual page was written by Jose Luis Tallon <>.


This man page document is released under the BSD 2-Clause license.

28 October 2017 Kern Sibbald