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NRSDRV(8) Linux System Managers Manual NRSDRV(8)


nrsdrv - KISS to NET/ROM serial converter


nrsdrv [-f] [-l] [-s speed] [-v] kissdev nrsdev


Nrsdrv is a program designed to convert from the KISS protocol to the NET/ROM serial protocol used by real NET/ROM's and TheNet's. The protocols are fairly similar, although the NET/ROM serial protocol does include a one byte checksum which KISS does not.

Typically nrsdrv will be attached to one end of a pseudo-tty of which the other end has been attached to a KISS capable program. The NET/ROM device will probably be a real serial port attached to a TNC or a Hexipus. The full specification of the NET/ROM serial protocol can be found in the original Software 2000 documentation that accompanied NET/ROMs.


Flow control enabled for use with a Hexipus, the default is disabled. See the file hexipus.txt in the source distribution for wiring details.

Log messages to the system log, the default is not to.
Sets the speed of both interfaces. If no value is specified then no speed will be set.
Display the version.


None known.


kill(1), stty(1), ax25(4).


Jonathan Naylor G4KLX <>

22 December 1996 Linux