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pgmspace.h(3avr) avr-libc pgmspace.h(3avr)





#define PGM_P const char *
#define PGM_VOID_P const void *
#define PSTR(s) ((const PROGMEM char *)(s))
#define pgm_read_byte_near(address_short) __LPM((uint16_t)(address_short))
#define pgm_read_word_near(address_short) __LPM_word((uint16_t)(address_short))
#define pgm_read_dword_near(address_short) __LPM_dword((uint16_t)(address_short))
#define pgm_read_float_near(address_short) __LPM_float((uint16_t)(address_short))
#define pgm_read_ptr_near(address_short) (void*)__LPM_word((uint16_t)(address_short))
#define pgm_read_byte_far(address_long) __ELPM((uint32_t)(address_long))
#define pgm_read_word_far(address_long) __ELPM_word((uint32_t)(address_long))
#define pgm_read_dword_far(address_long) __ELPM_dword((uint32_t)(address_long))
#define pgm_read_float_far(address_long) __ELPM_float((uint32_t)(address_long))
#define pgm_read_ptr_far(address_long) (void*)__ELPM_word((uint32_t)(address_long))
#define pgm_read_byte(address_short) pgm_read_byte_near(address_short)
#define pgm_read_word(address_short) pgm_read_word_near(address_short)
#define pgm_read_dword(address_short) pgm_read_dword_near(address_short)
#define pgm_read_float(address_short) pgm_read_float_near(address_short)
#define pgm_read_ptr(address_short) pgm_read_ptr_near(address_short)
#define pgm_get_far_address(var)


typedef void PROGMEM prog_void
typedef char PROGMEM prog_char
typedef unsigned char PROGMEM prog_uchar
typedef int8_t PROGMEM prog_int8_t
typedef uint8_t PROGMEM prog_uint8_t
typedef int16_t PROGMEM prog_int16_t
typedef uint16_t PROGMEM prog_uint16_t
typedef int32_t PROGMEM prog_int32_t
typedef uint32_t PROGMEM prog_uint32_t
typedef int64_t PROGMEM prog_int64_t
typedef uint64_t PROGMEM prog_uint64_t


const void * memchr_P (const void *, int __val, size_t __len)
int memcmp_P (const void *, const void *, size_t) __ATTR_PURE__
void * memccpy_P (void *, const void *, int __val, size_t)
void * memcpy_P (void *, const void *, size_t)
void * memmem_P (const void *, size_t, const void *, size_t) __ATTR_PURE__
const void * memrchr_P (const void *, int __val, size_t __len)
char * strcat_P (char *, const char *)
const char * strchr_P (const char *, int __val)
const char * strchrnul_P (const char *, int __val)
int strcmp_P (const char *, const char *) __ATTR_PURE__
char * strcpy_P (char *, const char *)
int strcasecmp_P (const char *, const char *) __ATTR_PURE__
char * strcasestr_P (const char *, const char *) __ATTR_PURE__
size_t strcspn_P (const char *__s, const char *__reject) __ATTR_PURE__
size_t strlcat_P (char *, const char *, size_t)
size_t strlcpy_P (char *, const char *, size_t)
size_t strnlen_P (const char *, size_t)
int strncmp_P (const char *, const char *, size_t) __ATTR_PURE__
int strncasecmp_P (const char *, const char *, size_t) __ATTR_PURE__
char * strncat_P (char *, const char *, size_t)
char * strncpy_P (char *, const char *, size_t)
char * strpbrk_P (const char *__s, const char *__accept) __ATTR_PURE__
const char * strrchr_P (const char *, int __val)
char * strsep_P (char **__sp, const char *__delim)
size_t strspn_P (const char *__s, const char *__accept) __ATTR_PURE__
char * strstr_P (const char *, const char *) __ATTR_PURE__
char * strtok_P (char *__s, const char *__delim)
char * strtok_rP (char *__s, const char *__delim, char **__last)
size_t strlen_PF (uint_farptr_t src)
size_t strnlen_PF (uint_farptr_t src, size_t len)
void * memcpy_PF (void *dest, uint_farptr_t src, size_t len)
char * strcpy_PF (char *dest, uint_farptr_t src)
char * strncpy_PF (char *dest, uint_farptr_t src, size_t len)
char * strcat_PF (char *dest, uint_farptr_t src)
size_t strlcat_PF (char *dst, uint_farptr_t src, size_t siz)
char * strncat_PF (char *dest, uint_farptr_t src, size_t len)
int strcmp_PF (const char *s1, uint_farptr_t s2) __ATTR_PURE__
int strncmp_PF (const char *s1, uint_farptr_t s2, size_t n) __ATTR_PURE__
int strcasecmp_PF (const char *s1, uint_farptr_t s2) __ATTR_PURE__
int strncasecmp_PF (const char *s1, uint_farptr_t s2, size_t n) __ATTR_PURE__
char * strstr_PF (const char *s1, uint_farptr_t s2)
size_t strlcpy_PF (char *dst, uint_farptr_t src, size_t siz)
int memcmp_PF (const void *, uint_farptr_t, size_t) __ATTR_PURE__
static size_t strlen_P (const char *s)


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