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readbin(1) General Commands Manual readbin(1)


readbin - ATLC's binary file information provider


readbin filename.bin


This man page is not a complete set of documentation - the complexity of the atlc project makes man pages not an ideal way to document it, although out of completeness, man pages are produced. The best documentation that was current at the time this version was produced should be found on your hard drive, usually at
although it might be elsewhere if your system administrator chose to install the package elsewhere. Sometimes, errors are corrected in the documentation and placed at before a new release of atlc is released. Please, if you notice a problem with the documentation - even spelling errors and typos, please let me know.


readbin reports on the number and type of pixels created by the program atlc.


There are no options for readbin


% readbin coax2.V.bin
file length=127008 bytes = 15876 pixels
there are: 489 ones, 10852 zeros, 0 -ones, 4535 other values


the full documentation. bitmapfile.bmp Original bitmap file. Must be 24-bit colour uncompressed.
bitmapfile.Ex.bin X-component of E-field as a binary.
bitmapfile.Ey.bin y-component of E-field as a binary. .
bitmapfile.E.bin Sqrt(Ex^2+Ey^2), as a binary. bitmapfile.V.bin
bitmapfile.V.bin Voltage as a binary.

All the saved binary files (.bin's) are saved as a double precision number for each of the pixels. The first double is the top left, the last the bottom right.


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atlc-4.4.2 28th Sept 2003 Dr. David Kirkby