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apticron(1) General Commands Manual apticron(1)


apticron - Generate a mail listing packages which are pending an upgrade


apticron [--cron]


apticron is a shell script which generates a mail with a list of all packages currently pending an upgrade, as well as summary of changes - using apt-listchanges - to a configurable Email address.

apticron is mainly intended for automatic notification of pending security updates but can also be used in many other situations where timely updates are necessary.

The --cron option is only meant to be used when invoked by cron in order to run no more than once a day.


Configuration file, Email address to mail and profile for use with apt-listchanges are configurable.
Cron job for executing apticron daily.
Fallback cron script for executing apticron (if no crond running or system down at designated time).
Time stamp file used by apticron when invoked with --cron option.


apt-get(8), apt-listchanges(1), cron(8)


In a particular situation apticron may report non-installed packages to be upgraded. It's inconvenient, but it's not a bug in apticron itself. Please see for details.


Apticron was initially developed by Colm MacCarthaigh <> with contributions from Marc Sherman <>. Since 2006 it is maintained and improved by Tiago Bortoletto Vaz <>.